Eating for Exercise

The essence of the book “Nutrition for the Long Run” is summarized in this sport nutrition workshop.  Participants of all activity levels will benefit from the understanding of how food works to fuel the body.  This seminar can be customized to meet the education needs of any particular group whether it is a group of new exercisers or a group of competitive athletes.  
Topics include: 

  • A new appreciation of food as fuel

  • What to eat before, during and after exercise

  • How to ensure proper hydration for performance

  • How to speed recovery after exercise


Portions for Performance

How much should I be eating?  Am I eating the right amount of carbohydrate for my sport?  How do I lose body fat and maintain muscle?  What is moderation? This hand’s on workshop will answer common nutrition questions and offer an opportunity to personalize the solutions.  Participants will record and evaluate their own portions and balance using a simple tool called the “Eating 4 Energy Guide”.  This guide serves as a quick “check-up” that can be used at any time in the future to evaluate balance.    
Participants will learn:

  • A new perspective on portions and hydration

  • How many calories they are consuming and if the food groups are balanced

  • How to set up a simple and safe weight loss routine

  • How to fit in “treat” foods such as sweets and alcohol in moderation

Eating for Competitions

Preparing for competition starts early in any sport season.  This seminar will discuss how to test your nutrition in training to find the best program to perform during competition.  
Topics include:

  • Meal timing around competition schedules

  • Recovery tactics for tight schedules

  • Team meals and planning for success

Eating on the Road

Frequent eating out and travel can lead to unwanted weight gain and lethargy.  Whether simply commuting or travelling for competitions, this seminar will share the secrets of successful eating on the Road.
Participants will learn:

  • Common pitfalls to avoid at restaurants, airports and hotels

  • Easy portable meals and snack ideas

  • Strategies while planning a trip to make healthy eating easier

  • Ways to incorporate balanced nutrition into any trip itinerary

Family Fuel Seminar – Parent/Coach Seminar

Today’s families with children in sport are busier than ever before.  It’s difficult to get a wholesome meal on the table and find the time to actually eat together between work, school and sport commitments.  This interactive seminar will pull together all the resources needed to plan meals for busy athletic families.   Some of the topics covered will include: Meal planning, grocery tips, recipes, food label reading tips, portable meal and snack ideas, eating on the road (packing coolers, healthy ordering off take out menus) and frozen/premade meal suggestions.  

Craving Carbohydrates

There are so are so many conflicting messages in the media about carbohydrates.  People are left wondering if they should eliminate carbs from the diet to lose weight or “give in” to their cravings and become a “carb-a-holic”.  There is a happy medium.  This informative seminar will help people sort out fact from fiction and truly understand the place of carbohydrates in a healthy, sport performance diet.  
Participants will learn to:

  • Choose the best sources of carbohydrate for health and energy

  • Decipher sugars on food labels

  • Increase fibre and lower risk for disease

  • Plan balanced meals and snacks for optimal energy

  • Portion carbs appropriately to satisfy hunger and exercise needs

Food, Energy and Weight

The secret to achieving lasting energy and a healthy weight are uncovered in this dynamic seminar.  Participants will discover how meal timing and food choices shape performance both mentally and physically.  

They will begin to understand how to overcome the common mid-day ‘slump’ and control sugar cravings.  Participants will leave the session armed with practical meal and snack ideas for high energy, satisfied hunger and reduced health risk.      
Topics include: 

  • Maximizing energy throughout the day

  • Planning meals/snacks to support concentration and productivity at work

  • Controling hunger and cravings between meals

  • Managing portions to achieve a healthy weight

  • Making healthy choices from vending options

The Skinny on Fats

The message on dietary fats is constantly evolving.  Initially we heard a low fat diet was optimal for health.  Now we better understand the need to get enough of the “healthy fats” and limit the “unhealthy fats”.  This seminar will help to demystify the message on dietary fats.  We will discuss questions such as “Does ‘low fat’ on a food label mean it is better? Participants will leave with a clear understanding of the role fat plays in sport performance, achieving a healthy weight, maintaining a healthy heart and enhancing the flavour of our food.    
Participants will learn:

  • The health implications of saturated, unsaturated, trans and omega fats

  • Quick tips and product suggestions to help achieve a healthy fat intake

  • How to decipher fats on food labels and compare products

  • The impact of diet on cholesterol levels, heart health and sport performance