Nutrition for the Long Run: Sport Nutrition Handbook

The handbook is a perfect summary of how to harness the power of food as fuel.  Applicable to any activity or sport, "Nutrition for the Long Run" describes what to eat before, during and after exercise for maximum performance and recovery.  Full of practical tips and ideas - an invaluable resource for active individuals of all levels of sport. 

Food, Energy and Weight Workbook

This workbook is jam packed full of over 100 pages of resources to help boost energy, manage weight, plan meals and learn more about healthy eating.  Topics include: Goal setting, Meal Timing, Snack Ideas, Boosting Metabolism, Fibre, Fat Intake, Sugars, Protein/Carb Balance, Hydration, Packing lunches, Eating out at restaurants, Vegetables and Recipes. It is appropriate for all ages - starting at 10-100+   Written and edited by Registered Dietitians, Kinesiologists and Medical Professionals, you'll find the information practical, reliable and easy to follow.  Its a great resource to help you stay on track and gain many new ideas.  Once you have paid you can download the PDF for your own personal use.   We simply ask that you do not copy or distribute without permission from the Author - Heidi Smith.  You can reach Heidi through her website:  I hope you enjoy the book!