Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): 8 Week Program
The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) is an 8 week researched based protocol to help people better respond to stress, anxiety and pain.  The program was originally developed by Jon Kabat Zinn a researcher at the University of Massachusetts. Measurable outcomes include: reduced stress, better sleep, lower blood pressure and fewer ‘worries’. The 8 week MBSR program is now being taught in over 700 medical centres across North America.

Date: Starts Feb 11, 2020. 6:00-8:30pm

This program is offered by Heidi’s co-founded company Vitality at Work.


SoulCollage: A Day for You
This is an opportunity to nurture yourself for a full day.  Give yourself the gifts of relaxation, play, creativity, connection with others, healthy food, gentle movement and the space to tap into your body through intuition. 

This full day workshop will allow you to explore the wisdom of your body through the medium of creativity.  You will learn an amazing technique called SoulCollage® which is part of a worldwide organization aimed at helping individuals discover a deeper understanding of themselves.

SoulCollage® is a unique and fun way to quiet your left brain “thinking mind” and step into your right brain creative side using a simple method of combining pictures that you are intuitively drawn to.  It is a relaxing and fun experience and you end up creating surprisingly meaningful collages.  NO ARTISTIC ABILITY REQUIRED.

Date: See Vitality at Work website for details.

This program is offered by Heidi’s co-founded company Vitality at Work.


Silent Retreat: Mindfulness Practice

Join us for a day of silence and mindfulness practice at the Rivermead Stone Church in Eden Mills.  Being in silence is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. When we share silence together it’s a gift for each other as well. We create a community within the shared silence and emerge with new insights into our way of being in the world. We return to the world with fresh eyes, new growth and hopefully a little more whole than when we started the retreat.

Date: Sunday Dec 1, 2019 from 10:00am-4:00pm. More details

This program is offered by Heidi’s co-founded company Vitality at Work.

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Women in Leadership Mindfulness Retreat
The Mindfulness at Work Leadership Retreat is designed for women leaders that are focused on cultivating mindfulness to enhance their experience and effectiveness at work and in life. This retreat will be focused on exploring the shadow side of leadership. The content will be grounded in a highly practical and scientifically based approach to understanding mindfulness and the important connection to a thriving life. 

Date: Nov 13-15, 2019. Early bird rates until Sept 27th. More Details

This program is offered by Heidi’s co-founded company Vitality at Work.


Radical Self Care

Many of us fall into the pattern of taking care of everyone else first.  Life can become a never ending ToDo list where our own needs fall to the bottom. This program is designed to help you get back in touch with your body and what YOU need for optimal health.  

We’ll use mindfulness techniques to increase body awareness and help you get in touch with cues such as hunger, satiety, stress, emotion and fatigue. We will work on accepting where you are right now while tapping into your strengths to help you get where you want to be.   You will gain insight into what might be holding you back from achieving your health goals.  You will also learn tools to get at the roots of your behavior and strategies to help you follow your intuition toward more nourishing health habits.

Date: Coming soon for 2020

This program is offered by Heidi’s co-founded company Vitality at Work.


Food As Fuel: Video

This 18 minute video provides critical information about fueling your body for optimal exercise performance.   Whether you are a competitive athlete or simply trying to feel more energized around your workouts, this short video will give you practical tips to choose the right foods before and after exercise.  You will also receive information about balanced snacks and choosing the best energy bars for optimal energy.  This video is a perfect companion to Heidi Smith's book "Nutrition for the Long Run".

Cost: $8 per download.  

For team discounts contact: heidismith01@gmail.com  

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