Mindful Body: Radical Self Care. Live online Program

Heidi Smith, Registered Dietitian will take you on an exploration of mindfulness, food and health.   With a society focused on losing weight at all cost - this program will allow to you to see your body through a different lens.  What factors are driving you to eat?  When are you truly hungry?  What health habits are serving you?  What habits are holding you back?  This program will help you gain insight and develop habits to move you closer to your goals.  If you have grown tired of the pop culture nutrition advice - fad diets, calorie restriction and carb counting... prepare to put the scale aside to get at the roots of your behaviour and follow your intuition toward more nourishing health habits. 


Six Week Core Learning Areas   
Thursdays Nov 2-Dec 7, 2017.   12:00-1:15pm
1. Mindful Eating: And the 5 Senses
2. Listening to our Bodies: Understanding hunger and satiety
3. Behaviour Change: Using our strengths for success
4. Food Rituals for Health: What is serving you? What is not. 
5. The hidden gift of failure and cutting yourself some slack
6. Keeping health on your radar - The power of intention

Live Online Group Learning
This program is delivered using an online platform where you can see the presenter, the slides and interact with the other participants from around the world as if you were all in a room together.  You will receive a link once you register and all you need is a device with a camera, a telephone line and a good internet connection. Each session will be 1 hour and 15 min in length. If you have tried the Vitality Working groups, you will know this format.  It is informal, friendly, open and conducive to many "Aha" moments as each participant is invited to share their unique perspective.   In between sessions you will be provided with resources and short optional videos to enhance the experience.  We hope you can join us! 

Program Fee: $250 + HST.  
Check your extended health benefits for Registered Dietitian coverage or save your receipts as a tax write off under health expenses. 

Register online at: http://www.vitalityatwork.ca/radical-self-care-online.html